Cleveland's team keeps defying logic

The Cleveland Browns continue to defy odds.

In Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bears, the Browns defense returned a fumble and an interception for touchdowns.

One touchdown by a defense is rare; two is crazy rare. It usually leads to a win -- except for the Browns of course. Only four times in the Browns' NFL history has the team had two forced turnovers returned for a score in a game.

Sunday was the first time the Browns lost doing so.

The last time it happened was in the season opener in 1989, a 51-0 win over Pittsburgh. The Browns won 38-24 over the Eagles in 1964 and 17-0 over Pittsburgh in 1951.

The Browns also achieved that feat twice when they were in the All-America Football Conference, in a 14-3 over the New York Yankees in 1949 and 44-0 over Miami in 1946. Yes, both were wins.

In the NFL since 1940, that double defensive score has happened 155 times (including Sunday), according to the website Pro Football Reference.

Teams won 88 percent of those games (136-19), including the last 28 in a row before Sunday.

The Browns were the first team to lose a game when it had an interception and fumble return in 10 years -- since Tampa Bay had an overtime loss to Indianapolis in 2003.

As Kurt Vonnegut would say, so it goes.