Poll results clear on accountability

Almost 1,900 voted in our poll asking who should be accountable for the Cleveland Browns fiasco of a 2013 season.

The response was clear.

Sixty percent said accountability rests with the front office for the roster it provided the coaches. On the flip said, only seven percent felt the coaching staff was responsible.

Margin of error on this poll is not available, but those results would be far beyond any standard margin. In fact, the two extremes are overwhelming each way given there were four categories from which to vote.

Twenty two percent blamed Browns quarterbacks, and 11 percent blamed the defense. Three in five blamed the front office.

What does this mean?

Two things:

The anger that seems to be prevalent toward the front office following the firing of Rob Chudzinski is real and not a mirage.

The front office trio of Jimmy Haslam, Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi have some bridges to rebuild.