Wide views on Browns/Super Bowl poll

Interesting results in our ESPN poll on how close or far the Cleveland Browns are to the Super Bowl.

More than 7,100 voted in the poll, and the same percentage of folks think the Browns are one logical rebuild from the Super Bowls as believe the Super Bowl will never happen in their lifetime.

That’s either an amazing percentage of optimistic given the recent publicity about the Browns, or it’s an amazing percentage of people who have grown completely pessimistic about the Browns given their recent struggles.

The Browns, Houston, Detroit and Jacksonville are the only four teams never to even play in the Super Bowl. The Browns last championship was in 1964.

The highest number of votes were cast in the state of Ohio, and those votes favored a Super Bowl appearance not happening. Twenty states in total voted “it won’t happen in my lifetime.”

Eighteen states voted the Browns are one logical rebuild, three or four years away.

Percentage-wise, 28 percent felt the Browns are three or four years away, and 28 percent said a Super Bowl appearance won’t happen in their lifetime. Nineteen percent said it will take at least five years, 14 percent 10 years or more and 11 percent in one year or two.

Combined the figures, 39 percent feel the Browns are relatively close to a Super Bowl, but 42 percent feel they are at least 10 years away.