Poll voters say resounding 'no' to Manziel

The Cleveland Browns fans have spoken with a loud and united voice about Johnny Manziel.

They do not want him according to our poll this week about whether the Browns should draft Manziel Thursday night.

Seventy percent of more than 2,700 voters said no.

That’s an astonishing number, especially given the fact that the pro-Manziel crowd is so vocal and impossible not to hear.

Seven in 10 Browns fans, an overwhelming majority, do not think the team should draft Johnny Football.

Here's a sampling of comments:

From Jason DiLoreti:

Right now the Browns have worked hard in the offseason at building the team as a whole. Taking Manziel will take all eyes to Manziel, and I think hurt the TEAM environment they have built in the offseason, becoming the Manziel show, not 'the Browns.' For years too much focus has been put on ‘the player’ that will change things. Keep focusing on building 'the Browns.'

From Jim Leasure:

My friends and I had a discussion about this yesterday, the Browns need to stop using their high picks based on need. We can only speculate, but we determined they would be much better off had they done this in the new era. If they had taken the best available player, rather than trying to fill a hole, the team would be in a better position. Instead, they draft a QB every other year, reaching for one they think has potential, when there is another guy available that has a much high probability of being successful. Then they could try to fill there positions in later rounds.

From Scott Clayton:

Take him. I don't care if he's small. He's a winner and competitive as all hell. This city needs some excitement and Johnny Football will bring it ... hopefully along with some wins! Let him sit for a year and learn, then start the following year, with new uniforms (hopefully sweet ones) and some prime time games! Why wait until the 26th pick or second or third round for a QB? If you do that, you aren't convinced he's your man.

From Todd Preputnik:

No to Manziel. The guy regularly throws into double and triple coverage (i.e. makes bad decisions) and gets bailed out by the fact that Mike Evans is a beast who will come down with it when the ball is up for grabs. A Manziel highlight reel is really a Mike Evans highlight reel. Get Mike Evans.

From Keith Vlasak:

The Browns should take the top rated player left on their board -- and be right (hopefully). I suppose if it's a choice between Mike Junkin and Manziel, then take the QB -- but any one of Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, Kahlil Mack, Jadeveon Clowney, Sammy Watkins, and Mike Evans should be taken ahead of any QB in this draft. And if they really believe Brian Hoyer is likely to win the starting job over a rookie, then they ought to pick a QB to develop instead of a gamble for no purpose except to make headlines and look like fools again if he bombs.

From Mars Frehley:

I hope the Browns front office sees this. By the way, the 30 percent that want Manziel taken with the fourth pick are fans of the Ravens, Bengals and Steelers!