Some queries for Johnny Manziel

BEREA, Ohio -- The Cleveland Browns did not have to make Johnny Manziel available to the media this week.

The NFL's media policy gives the team the choice with rookies. That being said, the Browns also could have made him available one time. Manziel, after all, is pretty much a national story whether he's throwing a sideline pass that was nearly intercepted in a minicamp or whether he's floating on an inflatable swan (?) in an Austin, Texas, pool.

Oh, yes ... Manziel also was drafted into Major League Baseball last weekend, by the San Diego Padres in the 28th round.

Longtime Browns writers could not remember the last time a first-round draft pick was not available to the media during the final minicamp. Said rookies might not always have much to say -- I can still remember Joe Thomas saying he was looking forward to getting back to being a lineman again, without the attention -- but they talked, which is part of the job.

Manziel's absence from the microphones was a noticed team decision.

Given all that happened, here are a few questions that would be nice to pose to Manziel, either Tuesday or one day this week:

  • What's your reaction to being drafted by the Padres?

  • You could have played baseball in college; would you ever consider the Padres?

  • Deion Sanders made two sports work; would you ever consider trying that?

  • Where are you now with the Browns' offense?

  • Do you feel like you are close to Brian Hoyer in terms of understanding and competing, or a long way away?