Pettine: Each QB might get preseason start

Mike Pettine will know the plan for how he will handle his quarterbacks when Cleveland Browns training camp opens on Saturday.

Said plan will be worked out in early-week meetings among him, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains.

The Browns coach promised a fair competition, and left open the possibility that Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel could each get a start in the first and second preseason games.

“That’s something that hasn’t been decided yet,” Pettine said Monday. “That might be something that potentially could come out of the scrimmage [at the University of Akron on Aug. 2]. ‘Hey, both are playing well, let’s go ahead and let one start the game one start the other.’

"There are a lot of different ways we can approach it, but there will be a lot of thought to it.”

Hoyer will open camp as the starter, with Manziel the backup.

Pettine said a decision on the starter for the season will come sometime “in the neighborhood” of the third preseason game -- and probably before given most teams want to know the starter for what is considered the “dress rehearsal.”

“I don’t want to be non-decisive with it,” Pettine said.

The key, Pettine said (again), is not to decide too late.

“Decide sooner than later on a starter and let that chemistry build in a new system with a bunch of new faces,” he said. “That we can’t wait too long and now nobody is ready for the opener. So I think it’s important that we find that sweet spot of, ‘It’s been long enough.’”

Pettine added he’d try to give both equal opportunities.

“We’ll try,” he said. “I don’t know if that’s feasible. You worry about the juggling of that and the logistics of that. Brian is the starter. We go out day one and send the first group out it will be him. Just my knee-jerk thought to it is that it will be close to equal.”