Manziel praises 'Kenny Football'

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A relaxed Johnny Manziel was well aware that one of his records at Texas A&M had been broken the same night as his final NFL preseason game.

“Kenny Football, baby!” Manziel bellowed when it was mentioned to him that he might be old news at A&M. “Let’s go.”

Manziel referred to Kenny Hill, who threw for 511 yards and broke Manziel’s single-game record in the Aggies' 52-28 victory over No. 9 South Carolina.

Is Manziel ready to give up his nickname that easily?

“Hey,” he said as he walked out of the interview room. “You throw for 511 yards ... “

Manziel also discussed his just-released Snickers commercial, which has a “Johnny Jam Boogie” theme.

In the commercial, Manziel opens by teaching an aerobics class of women.

“Come on gang,” he yells. “Work those thighs. Who’s got a pelvis? Now do some arm circle things.”

“(I was) a little out of my comfort zone at the beginning,” Manziel said. “It was no Joe Pesci.”

He said when the ideas were first presented to him he said “at first I wanted to get back on the plane and come back home.”

“I went through with it,” he said. “It worked really well.”