Morning Brownies: Targeting Weeden

The Cleveland Browns have led at halftime of every one of their six games. Yet they’ve lost three times.

Against Detroit, the defense gave up 24 points in the second half, and the offense did next to nothing. This would be called “not trending positively.”

But strategy and adjustment are not the topic today. Instead, Brandon Weeden finds himself directly in the crosshairs of criticism, a product of that ridiculous interception he threw backhanded with his back to the line of scrimmage.

It was a ridiculously bad play.

Which leads, naturally, to this week’s Morning Brownies, and Weeden is in the crosshairs of most of the commentary:

Jim Ingraham of the News-Herald aptly summed up the play in his usual combination of snark and insight. “It took your breath away,” Ingraham wrote. “It left you speechless. Like seeing a UFO.” He wasn’t exaggerating. It was clearly a “did that really happen” moment?

Tony Grossi of ESPN-Cleveland 850 WKNR opines that the Browns need to find a gameplan that will not let Weeden lose a game. OK, but how does an offense that likes to throw the ball a lot and that lacks a legitimate NFL running game and running back accomplish that goal?

Tom Reed of the Plain Dealer highlights how Jordan Cameron’s targets have decreased since Weeden returned as the Browns starter. He has facts to back it up, but Josh Gordon got a lot of balls and a quarterback can’t throw two at once.

The Browns receivers did not talk after the game, and Marla Ridenour wonders if their silence speaks loudly about Weeden: “Josh Gordon refused to talk, walking away from a group waiting for him. Greg Little fled again without comment, this time carrying his shirt. Davone Bess went unseen. The receivers’ silence spoke volumes, especially Gordon’s. He was Weeden’s biggest defender after the Browns survived Hoyer’s injury and beat the Buffalo Bills for their third consecutive victory.”

Finally, Brian Dulik of the Chronicle-Telegram points out that in the second half of Weeden's three starts, the Browns have been outscored 55-3. Ouch.

Yes, the Cleveland Browns world is restless. Very restless.