Johnny Manziel deserves credit for taking tough step

Manziel Enters Treatment To Improve Himself

Jeremy Fowler discusses the latest news on Browns QB Johnny Manziel, who has entered a treatment facility to work on areas he needs to improve.

Admiration, respect and hope for a long-term, positive result are the dominant emotions for Johnny Manziel.

Those arise from the news that the Cleveland Browns quarterback voluntarily checked himself into a treatment center Wednesday.

It's not an easy step, but it is a courageous step. For all that, the 22-year-old Manziel deserves credit.

When an individual has the courage to take steps to face up to whatever he or she is dealing with, and face up to it in a way that takes gumption and guts … well that's all positive and potentially life-changing.

Details remain on the how and the why and the reasons and the timing.

But at this point, it's best not to guess.

At this point, what we know is that Manziel has taken a step to address himself and his life. In doing so, he might then be better able to address his career, which will take place in due time. Manziel always said football matters to him a great deal. His teammates always seemed to like him personally. Even when they complained about his preparation and play, they said they liked him. If any fences need to be mended, that can all happen with the knowledge Manziel has taken this step to better himself.

It is not an easy step, but there is every reason to believe he could come out of this process a better and stronger person.

The process often is a daily fight.

That Manziel has taken this first step matters. It matters a lot.

Here's hoping he comes out of the experience the most complete Johnny Manziel he can be.