Feeling mutual: Browns didn't want WR DeVante Parker

CLEVELAND -- DeVante Parker's mom told reporters in Miami that "we didn't want him going to Cleveland," which was a possibility with the Browns selecting 12th in the first round of the NFL draft. The Dolphins scooped up Parker at No. 14 overall.

"They don't have a team, really, or a quarterback," Raneca Parker said. "I knew I didn't want the Cleveland Browns."

The Browns gladly obliged Raneca's wishes. But even if Parker wanted to be a Brown, he wouldn't have.

Cleveland wasn't sold on Parker. It didn't want him. It's possible some in the building liked Parker's skill set -- he's a smooth playmaker -- but some in the building definitely questioned his toughness and love for the game.

As pointed out by colleague C.L. Brown, a college basketball writer who used to cover Louisville, it's possible the Parker family noticed how the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel instead of Parker's old college teammate, Teddy Bridgewater. Fair enough. But Cleveland's already too convenient a punching bag to point out unprompted that the family didn't want to be there.

The feeling seems mutual.

Parker was productive at Louisville after returning from foot surgery, notching 43 catches for 855 yards and five touchdowns in six games, so on the surface that displays a moderate level of toughness. But Parker was talented enough to produce at the college level. Questions exist about whether he wants to be great at the NFL level.

The Browns were passing on wide receivers anyway, but if they were taking one early, Parker likely wouldn't have been the one.