Kings get Vine star kid to introduce LeBron James pregame

LeBron Jaaames kid back at it again (0:41)

Terrance Jackson, who became famous for his pronunciation of LeBron James, introduces the King before the start of the Cavaliers' matchup with the Kings. (0:41)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- When you say the name LeBron James in your head, how do you hear it?

Odds are, if you've ever seen Terrance Jackson saying the Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar's name in his unique "Lah-bronn Jaaaaames" drawl, it has stuck with you.

In 2014, when Jackson was 5 years old, his older brother, Darius Jackson, posted a Vine splicing together Terrance saying James' name five times in a row. That Vine has now been looped more than 50 million times.

The Sacramento Kings invited Terrance, now 8, to announce James during player introductions Wednesday.

Before his big moment, Terrance spoke to ESPN.com about the phenomenon his voice created on Vine.