As players focus, Mike Krzyzewski reflects

INDIANAPOLIS -- Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and his players aren't exactly the laughing, playful type at the podium. If they're laughing, they're probably laughing at a question they consider silly, rather than laughing at themselves or their responses. But even with that corporate impression on display, Krzyzewski & Co. still had some interesting tidbits to offer. Here are some of the best quotes from Duke's media availability Sunday:

"Give me a ball and a basket. It's all the same, whether you're shooting outside or inside." -- Duke guard Nolan Smith on whether the concern over shooting sight lines at large NCAA arenas like Lucas Oil Stadium is overblown

"I've been in North Carolina the past four years. I've got family here, but I don't really consider it home. I don't miss the state that much." -- Duke freshman Mason Plumlee, apparently unconcerned with winning over locals, on whether he considers Indiana "home"

"I just wish people could look at this team as an individual team and not the program's history. None of these guys have been this far and we've all worked so hard to get to this point, and really, it's a great story with what the seniors have been through; coming in without really having any upper classmen to guide them. They were freshmen and kind of having to figure it out on their own over the course of these four years." -- Sophomore Miles Plumlee, on what he wishes people appreciated about Duke's story

"Will I talk about it? I won't [smiling]." -- Coach K on whether he'd like to elaborate on the David vs. Goliath storyline at work in Monday night's game

"What I think the great story is, tomorrow night is two private institutions playing for the national title. I don't know how much that's been done. I think that's a pretty cool thing, to have two private institutions playing for the national title. It's a pretty cool thing." -- Coach K on what he thinks is cool about Monday's title game

"Well, it would make us sad, at least if it happens tomorrow. If it happens next year and we're not playing them, then I'd be more for it." -- Coach K on whether he thinks Butler's story will help change the way college basketball operates

"You recruit, you try to get the very best kids you can, and then at the end of that year you see where you're at. Who's left, who's graduated, who's transferred. Because there's more instant gratification now. People just want that, they want it more. I mean, Apple just introduced something yesterday. Talk about instant gratification. People are in line wanting something new. It's in every aspect of our society. So it's not just college basketball." -- Coach K on the issues with recruiting one-and-done players versus building a team like Duke's heavily upperclass squad

"It's pretty impressive that I knew that. My wife got one yesterday [smiling]. That's why I know it. She was playing with it." -- Coach K, on how he knew what the iPad was

"That's why I think our tournament has captured America, is because everybody can get in it. Everybody can identify. Everyone's got a chance. And they got a chance right now, whether there's expansion or not, through their conference tournaments. And then once they're in it, look what's happened." -- Coach K on the popularity of the NCAA tournament

"I was more than tempted. I seriously considered it. One, because it was the Lakers. [Lakers' general manager] Mitch [Kupchak] is great. It would have been an opportunity to work with Kobe [Bryant]. He and I are very close. I guess because I did not accept it, it really speaks to, you know, how much I love Duke and college basketball, but especially Duke. When we were talking a little bit earlier, a few minutes ago, about commitment, Duke has been committed to me when I wasn't with [Bob] Knight and [Adolph] Rupp and those guys. They were committed to me when we were 38-47. Just from where I'm from, whatever, that will never leave my heart, that type of commitment. So I'll be at Duke even after I stop coaching. That's where I'm going to be." -- Coach K on whether he was ever tempted to leave Duke, and why he didn't