#Top10Thursday: Teams that deserve a reality TV show

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta," "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Survivor," "Big Brother."

Reality TV dominates the airwaves.

And there’s no reason to keep college basketball out of that mix. Gonzaga recently announced that it would be the subject of an upcoming HBO series.

That made us wonder. What other programs deserve reality TV slots?

1. Kentucky Wildcats

Coach John Calipari loves to win at a school that loves to win in a city that loves to win in a state that loves to win in college basketball. But now, the Wildcats are losing. They’re just not a good team right now. Can you imagine the practices in Lexington, Kentucky, now? The barstool banter between Kentucky fans sulking in their bourbon? This show would be a hit.

2. Louisville Cardinals

Um, you know why they’re on this list. That’s all we’re going to say about it.

3. Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State has three Big Ten losses (Iowa twice and Wisconsin). If the Spartans don’t figure things out soon, they could go from a team that was on a perch as the No. 1 team to a spot in the stands as they watch the Big Ten title hunt unfold without them. Michigan State has made a habit of exceeding expectations and surviving these funks. Our cameras would catch all of the action as Izzo walks his squad through these difficult moments.

4. Auburn Tigers

We’re convinced that this show wouldn’t really need any shots of the team or administration or even the campus. We’d just put a camera on Bruce Pearl -- who will also narrate, produce, edit and film certain scenes in the series about the Tigers -- from the moment he rises to the time he falls asleep to Vince Lombardi's speeches remixed to Lite Jazz. You’d watch, trust us.

5. SMU Mustangs

No postseason. But the Mustangs continue to fight in this unblemished campaign that could end with an undefeated 2015-16 season. How will they maintain this heart and passion as Selection Sunday approaches? An inside look at this program in this unique season would be must-see TV.

6. UCLA Bruins

A turbulent season in a fast-paced city that only cares if you’re great -- you hear that, Los Angeles Rams? A powerful, influential alumni base that wants results. A head coach, Steve Alford, who has an amazing deal that grants him the security most coaches crave and an incoming recruiting class that makes it all seem reasonable. One-on-one interviews with Alford’s hair gel supplier. Set the DVR now, right?

7. West Virginia Mountaineers

An unfiltered program involving a camera, a Big 12 contender, Bob Huggins and a complete “Is Billy Hahn awake right now?” stream only available online. Fine, you’re right. Huggins and a camera are enough.

8. Indiana Hoosiers

We’d have to hire a fleet of ultramarathoners to help us keep up with coach Tom Crean as he scurries around campus. But we’d have a chance to watch a guy who has gone from being the subject of rumors about his job security to coaching one of the best teams in the Big Ten -- an Indiana team that is finally defending at a respectable rate. But the best part would be the footage of Crean scurrying around campus.

9. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

The Scarlet Knights are 6-13 overall and 0-6 in the Big Ten. It’s easy to criticize and chide a team in that position. But a reality show would give us a chance to see the raw emotions within a program that just can’t find a rhythm.

10. South Carolina Gamecocks

Frank Martin’s on-court demeanor doesn’t tell the full story about the coach. He’s a likable guy when he’s not in your face screaming about a botched play. That gruff demeanor the cameras often catch is only part of his persona. The comedian, the father figure to many former and current players, and the advocate for diversity in athletics is the man we’d see in a 24/7 show. Oh, there would be some yelling. But he’d also sprinkle in a few stories about his childhood in Miami and the time he caused a ruckus at a bar when he tripped and bumped his head on a pool table.