A stunning transfer from BYU

Michael Loyd Jr. was expected to have a breakout season playing for BYU in his junior season, but instead he will transfer, according to a school announcement that sent shockwaves throughout the Mountain West Conference.

Loyd, a speedy 6-foot-1 guard, impressed while filling in for an ailing Jimmer Fredette during the season and then scored a career-high 26 points in an NCAA tournament first-round win against Florida.

The loss of Loyd is a significant blow to BYU's chances at the MWC crown next season, with guard Tyler Haws leaving for a mission and Fredette no guarantee to pull his name out of the draft.

For now, we are left with this statement to digest:

"Michael and I have met several times and we have mutually decided he will continue his education and basketball career in another program," coach Dave Rose said.

UPDATE: The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Loyd was not a fit for the program:

Loyd wasn’t forced out, but he was given some ultimatums in regards to behavior, dress and appearance that he apparently decided he just couldn’t abide by.

Let’s put it this way: showing up on national television with a mohawk haircut for BYU’s NCAA Tournament games, or playing against Utah with a tongue piercing, probably didn’t help his cause.

Wow. Shouldn't the Cougars have all been required to sport mohawks after what Loyd did in the Florida game?