Seniors reflect on road trips and rule changes

In addition to asking 22 of college basketball's best seniors what advice they would give the freshmen versions of themselves, we posed a few other questions about their time on campus.

One thing you could change about college hoops

Gary Payton II, Oregon State

The physicality. I think the [NCAA] is trying to soften the game up a bit from how it used to be played back in the 90s. If they let us play and battle and fight in the basketball sense, that would be nice.

Taurean Prince, Baylor

I would probably switch to quarters instead of halves. Halves take away from the excitement of the game.

Yogi Ferrell, Indiana

I would probably go from five fouls to six fouls before a player is disqualified so that guys don't go out too quickly in the game. This season, with the new rules, the referees aren't letting us play as much.

Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia

I would change the violations of people being allowed to take you to dinner and pay for food for you. ... Food is a really big part of my life, I love to eat. A lot of times I have to turn down free meals because it's an NCAA violation, and I know I'm not the only one. I think that would really benefit thousands of college basketball players.

Marcus Paige, North Carolina

The one-and-done rule. If kids are ready to go [pro] after high school, then they need to go. And if they come to college, they need to make a commitment toward getting a degree. Make them stay two or three years, kind of like the baseball model or the NFL model. One year just seems like the university gets used. ... And it's hard to do a lot academically in two semesters.

Denzel Valentine, Michigan State

Less classes. ... We take classes year-round. Obviously, we're students first. I understand that. But we are talking four or five classes, and we are a two-semester sport -- so it's not that easy. ... I'm missing a lot of school.

Daniel Ochefu, Villanova

I would add a three-second rule in the paint for defenders. As a big guy, I can't complain because I can stand there and block shots and rebound. But offensively, when teams are just playing pack-line defense, and you have guys stand there in the paint, or stay in the zone the whole game, it's a little annoying.

Kyle Collinsworth, BYU

Let's move the shot clock to 24 seconds. I like playing fast.

Damion Lee, Louisville

You know how students have to sit out a year if they transfer? ... If a coach leaves to take another job, I think he should have to go through the same thing. I know it's kind of crazy, kind of impossible, but I feel like somehow we have to level the playing field.

Fred VanVleet, Wichita State

There should be a standard ball for every school, every university, that's the standard game ball. Other than arguing with the shoe companies, I don't think it would be that hard to do.

Ron Baker, Wichita State

Coming from a mid-major perspective, I think big conferences should have to play us more often. We've got what, 10, 12 nonconference games? It'd be great if we could get 50 or 60 percent of them against high-major schools consistently, so we could get a really strong schedule established before we start conference play.

Road venue you loved going to?

Brice Johnson, North Carolina

Probably Cameron [Indoor Stadium], just because the tradition of the Carolina-Duke game there. It's very electric in there.

Denzel Valentine, Michigan State

Iowa. They always have a great crowd. It's crazy, the best crowd we play in front of.

Kaleb Tarczewski, Arizona

Utah and UCLA. Every time we go to Utah it's a war. Utah has a big arena, and they have a huge following. It's a really fun atmosphere.

Georges Niang, Iowa State

The Phog at Kansas. There's just something about that place. It's just so unique. It's the only show in town, and all eyes are on you.

Daniel Ochefu, Villanova

Butler. Hinkle [Fieldhouse] is pretty legendary. Even before the game, during walk-through when you go out there you're just like, "Wow."

Ryan Arcidiacono, Villanova

Providence. The Dunkin' Donuts Center is crazy. ... The DJ is going, they're all amped up. They hate us up there, but we love going in there because we know it will be a great environment.

Ron Baker, Wichita State

As for gyms in our conference, I'd say Missouri State -- that's one of the most underrated student sections in the country, in my opinion. The heckling there is pretty fun. ... You can enjoy the back and forth while you play.

Road venue you're thrilled to never have to go back to?

Alex Poythress, Kentucky

Either North Carolina or Kansas. They fill up pretty well, and it's just a tough road environment.

Yogi Ferrell, Indiana

Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center. They have a dark gym. And it's a little quiet.

Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia

Virginia Tech. ... The lighting is weird, we always struggle in that arena, and I can never get it going there. It's just a tough place, it's not the prettiest arena.

Nic Moore, SMU

Maybe UConn. That's a tough place. They don't like us there too much, and they always have a few choice words for us as we leave the court.

Buddy Hield, Oklahoma

West Virginia. I don't like going there. They talk all the time. They never stop talking. When I go there, I want to land at game time, play the game and win or lose, get out of there. You don't even want to stay down there.

And then the rifle. First time I heard it go off, I ducked so quick. I was like, "What's going on over there?" The fans are used to it, but not me. Nah, I don't like going there.

Contributing reporters: Eamonn Brennan, C.L. Brown, Jeff Goodman, Chantel Jennings, Myron Medcalf, Dana O'Neil and Sam Strong.