Duke transfer dissed by Goodfellas poster

Before the 2009-10 season began, the Duke Blue Devils released their team poster. Like most teams, Duke's preseason team posters have a theme, and in 2009-10, the Dukies went with the "Goodfellas" look, dressing the players up in pinstripe suits and sitting them around a table in an ominous-looking mafioso setting. The poster was nothing major, but it was entertaining at the time. Now, it will serve as a keepsake for Duke fans who want to remember their team's brilliant, national-title winning 2009-10 season.

But for Olek Czyz, who transferred from Duke to play for his hometown Nevada Wolfpack in December, the poster served as a minor dis this weekend. Saturday, Jon Scheyer hosted May Madness: Gaming To Give, a video-game charity event to raise money for the Jimmy V Foundation and the Emily K Center. At the event, Duke fans could step up and be a part of the famous Goodfellas poster by inserting their head in a now-vacated spot. That spot? Right where Czsz's head used to be. Ouch.

Of course, Czyz will still be immortalized in the posters, even if he won't get a championship ring and a spot in Duke lore. If being in the Goodfellas poster got you that, this cute little guy would be the newest member of Duke's championship team. Which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but still.