Calipari doesn't want a raise?

Want to hear Kentucky coach John Calipari address whether he might be interested in the Bulls job?

Check out his latest audio post on Lexy, where he tells Kentucky fans to take a chill pill and even says he doesn't need a raise from athletic director Mitch Barnhart to stay at the school for the rest of his coaching career.

"All right everybody, calm down," Calipari said. "Take a breath. People can say whatever and rumors and throw and ... let me just tell you, I am happy to be the coach at Kentucky. I love it. I'm having a ball."

As for restructuring his contract?

"I said, 'Now, I don't want the compensation to change. I'm doing fine. But if there's anything you want to do that's going to make this a better program for our players, our staff, maybe make it a little bit easier, I'm all for it.'"

Barnhart has already made one concession that is sure to bring a smile to Calipari's face -- joining Twitter.

And now you know where Kentucky's comments and suggestions box is located.