Tournament Challenge: Villanova, Oklahoma claim Elite Eight spots many foresaw them grabbing

No. 2 Villanova 92, No. 3 Miami 69

The Villanova Wildcats were the first team to punch their ticket to the Elite Eight this year, an outcome predicted by 47.23 percent of brackets. The Wildcats have the seventh-most brackets picking them to get this far, while 12.07 percent of brackets have them in the Final Four, 6.54 percent in the NCAA tournament championship game and 2.56 percent winning it all.

President Obama has missed just one pick in the South region pending the Kansas-Maryland matchup. Overall, 45.8 percent of entries predicted the Villanova-Miami matchup would occur. Of those entries, 55.9 percent correctly picked the Wildcats to advance.

No. 2 Oklahoma 77, No. 3 Texas A&M 63

The first entrant into the West final is Oklahoma, which bested Texas A&M. Out of more than 13 million brackets submitted in the ESPN Tournament Challenge, 64.35 percent had Oklahoma reaching the Elite Eight. Looking ahead, 41.83 percent of brackets have the Sooners reaching the Final Four, with 15.83 percent believing they’ll reach the championship game and 6.06 percent selecting them as the champs.

President Obama correctly picked this matchup occurring but chose Texas A&M as the winner. In sum, 61.6 percent of brackets predicted these two teams would meet in the Sweet 16. Of those, 67.9 percent picked the Sooners.