Brad Stevens can do it all

When yours truly found out that Brad Stevens had been invited by the Cubs to Wrigley Field, I advised him to stay away. Of course, curses aren't real. There is no such thing as the "Curse of the Billy Goat." ("Curse of the Historically Mismanaged Baseball Team" is more like it.) Superstitions are only that, and their power over you is only equal to the mental power you grant them. It's no big deal. Then again, you know, it's the Cubs -- why risk it?

Stevens didn't listen to my advice. (Like he was going to anyway.) Instead, he showed up at Wrigley Field to throw out the first pitch and sing during the seventh-inning stretch, and he managed to do both with aplomb. Stevens' first pitch was a shot right down the middle, which is better than Carlos Marmol can do. And his seventh-inning stretch song, a ritual so easily butchered by the abusive celebrities that often take it over, was handled calmly, smoothly and with near-perfect pitch. There is nothing this man can't do.

There's video of Stevens' festivities here, which includes a typically eloquent interview with the man himself. If Lou Piniella ever decides to hang up the spikes, the Cubs might consider Stevens as a replacement. This is the best performance a coach has put on in the Friendly Confines in years.