Jones doesn't regret news conference

Terrence Jones spoke out extensively for the first time since committing to Washington at a news conference and then signing financial aid papers with Kentucky last night and has plenty of interesting things to say.

In an interview with The Oregonian, he says, no, he doesn't regret that he picked a Huskies cap and that he only did so "just because it was there."


"I feel players decommit all the time. Everybody knew me not signing anything knew I had options," Jones said.

Why pick Washington in the first place?

"A little bit of just not knowing, being close to home. You can't go wrong being that close. It was a spur of the moment thing, not really thinking about it. Picking something just because it was there," Jones said.

Jones described the recruiting process as "fun," and said he did not feel embarrassed about how it played out during the final weeks.

"I didn't let anybody rush me. I did it my way," Jones said. "I didn't care what anybody had to say and how I was doing it my way. Honestly, I only cared about the two coaches I was dealing with, and my family."

Oh, but there's more. Jones does leave some wiggle room by not signing a national letter of intent, saying that he is "95 percent certain" he'll stick with his decision to go with Kentucky. That other five percent is in case John Calipari goes to the NBA.

Jones even mentions that it "could be possible, but it's not likely" he might sign financial aid papers with Washington as well.

It's all an unlikely scenario, but then again, if Jones has proven nothing else, he's not one to shy away from the unlikely scenario.

He appears to understand that he's playing the role of the villain as well.

He doesn't hold back when saying he picked the Wildcats over the Huskies because "I felt like they played a better schedule and had a lot better team."

And moments after his decision to go to Kentucky was revealed, he tweeted this:

  1. Terrence Jones TerrenceJones1 yeah most hated player n 2010 goes 2 me