Louisville fans aren't going to like this

Hey, um, Louisville fans? Don't get mad at me, OK? I'm only the messenger here. You have to promise that you won't take your anger out on me. Cool? Cool.

Let's just rip this one off like a band-aid: Kentucky may be swiping another cherished Louisville recruit in the class of 2011. That's per ESPN's Rumor Central and Rivals' Jerry Meyer, who says UK could be wooing Michael Chandler, the No. 3-ranked power forward in the class of 2011. This wouldn't be so bad -- just another ridiculously good recruiting class for John Calipari, ho hum -- but for Chandler's history with U of L. The 6-foot-10 center from Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis originally committed to the Cardinals as a sophomore. He de-committed this spring and reopened his recruitment, and the word now is that he's leaning heavily toward Kentucky. Yeesh.

There is some good news and some bad news here. The good news is that Chandler says he's not going to commit anywhere until the spring of his senior year, which means the Cardinals have almost an entire calendar year to try to get him back in the fold. The bad news is that Chandler told the Indianapolis Star he was now looking at Connecticut, Georgetown, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio State and Purdue. Louisville is nowhere to be found.

Again, this wouldn't be so bad, but coupled with Kentucky's successful recruitment of Marquis Teague, the No. 3 overall player in the 2011 class, who was long considered to be a lock at Louisville, that would make two top 2011 Louisville recruits that Calipari has managed to win since taking over in Lexington. Who's likely to be angrier about this? Rick Pitino? Or Louisville fans? Maybe we'll call it a tie.