Lil' Romeo no match for NBA player's dunk

Percy Miller, aka the rapper Lil' Romeo, recently left USC because, as coach Kevin O'Neill told the Orange County Register, "I think his future is more off the court than on the court."

This Hoopsmixtape.com video of Miller in his Trojan basketball shorts trying to defend the Denver Nuggets' J.R. Smith at Vince Young's charity-celebrity basketball game on Saturday does little to dispel that idea.

Smith goes coast-to-coast for the dunk, and let's just say Miller, a 5-foot-11 sophomore who played 19 minutes for USC over two seasons, isn't able to impede Smith's progress.

Good for Miller for playing the day after USC announced his departure, but it's not a pretty sight considering Miller's image was used to promote an event during which he barely avoided getting posterized.