Gonzaga helps special needs kids dunk

Six Gonzaga players last week made a surprise appearance to greet special needs kids learning about basketball, and it was an event the players on both sides won't soon forget.

Serving as guest coaches, the Zags exchanged high-fives, posed for pictures and seemed to especially take pleasure in lifting up the kids so they could feel what it's like to dunk.

Check out the KXLY-TV video.

"Steven Gray and I talk about it all the time," said Zags center Robert Sacre. Like, 'how could we be a huge impact on someone's life?' And we are and you just have to take that in and be grateful for what we got. So we have to give back to the community."

The Zags could have shown up and waved and left. People would have been happy they even came. But in typical Zag fashion, they went above and beyond.