Revisiting the words of O.J. Mayo

With the NCAA infractions committee set to release its report on USC, I thought it would be interesting to revisit this Dan Patrick interview with O.J. Mayo. It might be the most direct line of questioning Mayo has faced on the issue.

The interview provides hints to what might have prompted USC to impose sanctions on the program over Mayo's relationship with Rodney Guillory, who the school called a booster under NCAA rules.

Mayo said he never received payments before, during or after his career at USC. When Patrick asks if it was possible Mayo had a representative taking money that was supposed to go to him, the former USC guard responded:

"Probably so. I don't know what happened. More than likely, that’s possibly what could have happened."

Yahoo! Sports reported that coach Tim Floyd made a direct payment to Guillory, but Mayo is clear in denying that he was paid to play at USC.

"No, sir. I almost want to say I wish he (Floyd) did, but no sir. I was staying in Troy Hall (undergraduate housing) and riding a bicycle. It's a big mess. Probably more than anything, I think I had the wrong type of people around me. Maybe they had some things going on."

Why then, Mayo was asked, is Tim Floyd no longer coaching at USC?

"I'm hoping it wasn’t over $1,000 ... It was a lot going on that I didn't know about and was out of my hands. I don't know. I guess you can call Mike Garrett and ask him."

Of course, it's the NCAA that will have its say very shortly.