Pac-10 considers forming an All-Star team

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said yesterday that the conference will be looking to televise events in Asia as part of its new marketing plan. That got us to wondering if the Pac-10 would in the future send its athletes over there to compete?

The answer is that it's already being considered.

According to assistant commissioner Dave Hirsch, Scott would like to explore the idea of sending Pac-10 All-Star teams to compete in exhibitions in Asia.

It seems as if a plan like that could work especially well in basketball. Take a group of well-deserving players after the season (who aren't busy preparing for pro careers) and have them tour a basketball-crazy country like China. Sell jerseys, sign autographs, hold clinics and ask around to see if anyone has a tall relative waiting to be discovered.

Sure that might be oversimplifying things, and maybe the events get sparsely attended and don't help the conference make any significant gains in visibility. But hey, at worst, the players get an eye-opening trip overseas -- possibly to a place where their pro careers might eventually take them.