Izzone to get more camera time

A large portion of the Izzone, Michigan State's student section named in honor of coach Tom Izzo, will be moved to another side of the Breslin Center next season.

Why? So that the students can be seen on television.

According to The State News, MSU's student newspaper:

Although it is one of the most recognizable student sections in college basketball, the Izzone typically went unnoticed on TV during Spartan basketball games. Instead of getting a glimpse of some of the 1,500 screaming students bouncing up and down, anyone watching the game more likely was going to see a section of alumni, family and recruits.

Starting next season, though, the perspective will be slightly different for TV viewers, as the lower section of the Izzone along the sidelines will be moved to the other side, putting it front and center on TV. The upper bowl Izzone will remain in its current position.

"What (men's basketball head coach Tom Izzo) desired, and I think most everyone agreed with, is to get the sea of white behind the benches in the line of the cameras," MSU athletic director Mark Hollis said at a media briefing May 20. "Behind the benches now, you're going to have the 36 visitors and then that sea of white."

Not everyone -- especially Spartan fans who might have to sit in a worse seat -- is happy about accommodating the move.

"It breaks my heart," Hollis told the paper. "But it's also necessary in order to accomplish the plan that we need for our athletic department."

That plan appears to be sending a constant message to the television viewer (and recruits) that Michigan State is the place to be.

And you're one of the students caught on camera, remember to say "hi" to mom.