Designing Duke's museum has its perks

Reading Gene Wojciechowski's story last week on going through the K Academy, Mike Krzyzewski's fantasy basketball camp, showed just how grueling it can be on top of all the fun.

Krzyzewski is apparently such a big believer in the experience that he recently convinced Mark Schmitz, the designer of the new Duke basketball museum that's set to open in October, to become a camper so he could eat and breathe as a Blue Devil.

Will that help Schmitz design a better museum? According to the Wisconsin State Journal:

It was several weeks later when one of the facilities managers called Schmitz in Madison and said Krzyzewski had decided that if Schmitz was to truly understand the heart and soul of Duke basketball, he needed to participate in the Coach K Academy.

What little Schmitz knew about the academy was that the participants were all serious basketball junkies, often former college players who still played several times a week. Schmitz was not.

"But there's no question," he said, "that when you're summoned, you go."

In some ways, Schmitz also got to experience the program like any scholarship player would. Because he went to the camp as a guest of Krzyzewski's, he didn't have to pay the $10,000 to attend.

This Duke museum, in other words, better be good.