Omar Samhan really wants to get drafted

Omar Samhan appeared happy to play the role of the quotable underdog in the NCAA tournament -- outgoing off the court and ready to sneak up on you on it. It seems as if the former Saint Mary's center is taking the same approach leading up to the NBA draft.

One of the media darlings of the tournament, Samhan is already becoming one in NBA circles even though it's very possible he might not be drafted tomorrow and might never even play a single minute in the league.

But don't tell that to Samhan. Here's what he has to say on the prospect of not getting drafted in the Associated Press:

"The politically correct answer would be, 'Oh you know, it happens, that's the way it is,'" Samhan said after a workout with the Minnesota Timberwolves this month. "I think it's crap, to be blunt with you. I feel like I do a lot for my team, for my school and still just don't get a lot of credit, a lot of love."

During the many workouts Samhan has attended, teams like his skills, but also understand that he lacks in the athleticism department. Samhan told the San Francisco Chronicle he's heard mixed reviews.

"It's been frustrating to go to a workout one day," Samhan said in Moraga on Thursday, "and have them say, 'Hey, we really like this guy,' and I'm like, 'Cool, it's looking good,' and then two days later, I'll go to another one where (they say), 'Man, this guy's horrible.'

"And I'm like, 'Man, I'm not getting drafted.' "

Of course, that hasn't stopped Samhan from showing off to the pros his hilarious personality, as he did during the tournament when he professed his love to Taylor Swift. His obsession with her was actually a topic NBA teams asked about during interviews, and Samhan said it was the strangest question he got from executives.

"If I have gone on a date yet with Taylor Swift. Everybody asked me that after the tournament. I told them I broke up with her. I was done with Taylor. I've moved on to Saint Mary's softball. They had a great year this year. My girlfriend's a pitcher on the team. I'm done with Taylor. Me and her are breaking up."

So it appears Swift won't be invited to Samhan's draft party tomorrow night. But Samhan told reporters after his workout with the Warriors that no matter what happens -- whether his name gets called or not -- he plans of having a great time.

"I don't know for sure I'm getting drafted, so I don't want to have a big party and not get drafted. It could be awkward. But if that happens, we'll just have to open up the bar and have some real fun, huh?"