Pearl slips up, talks about team's 'weapons'

One of the first things you learn in capital-J journalism is that war metaphors are lame. (Yes, I paid untold thousands to learn these sorts of things. I'd really rather not talk about it.) There are actual wars, and actual battles, and using the word "battle" or "war" to describe a sporting event is, when you think about it, in pretty bad taste.

It's even worse when your team has been involved in a high-profile weapons arrest and you forget that using the sports cliché "weapons" to describe your talented players is probably not the best idea in the world. By now, you must know I'm talking about Tennessee and Bruce Pearl, who made just that slip-up in his press conference this week. Check the video here; fast forward to the :52 second mark to get the money quote. (Hat tip: The Dagger.)

"But we've got weapons," Pearl said. "We still have got weapons. ... That's terrible. I apologize. We still have players, uh, that have abilities."

Not to make light of this, because four young men being arrested with guns and other potentially felonious items is not particularly funny ... but yeah, OK, Pearl's slip-up was pretty hilarious. He didn't mean to say it, and he realized his mistake and immediately apologized. I'm going to choose to find the humor here, because that, above all, is humorous.