Coaching carousel officially stopped

Oh, sure, you thought the coaching carousel was done. All the high-profile vacancies were filled. Coaches had ceased their shuffling around. Dalliances with the NBA have cooled. The jobs were locked in.

All except for one place: Chicago State. The Cougars fired former coach Benjy Taylor, who finished the 2009-10 season 9-23, on April 19. Then they spent the better part of the summer searching for his replacement. The length of the search made even the most extended, bumbled coaching searches in the country -- remember Oregon? -- look downright efficient.

Finally, our long national nightmare is over. Chicago State has hired former University of Illinois-Chicago associate head coach Tracy Dildy as its new men's basketball coach, ending the search just shy of 84 days. Let no one ever say the Cougars rushed their decision. There's something to be said for deliberation, even if it means keeping your players in the dark for a much bigger chunk of the offseason than most athletic directors would be comfortable with.

Despite the length of the search, Chicago State seems excited about landing Dildy. He has 20 years of coaching experience under his belt, including as an assistant at UIC and DePaul, where he recruited NBA-level players like Quentin Richardson and Bobby Simmons. Me, I'm just excited about finally filling out this chart. Anyone with minor chart-related obsessive-compulsive disorder knows what I'm talking about.