Big 12 Monday schedule released

Aren't college hoops Mondays great? I'll answer that: Yes, they are. In fact, you could argue -- for die-hard fans, anyway -- that college basketball's schedule is one of the best things about the sport. There's no waiting for a week at a time for the biggest games. Have a mind-blowing, 12-hour marathon college hoops Saturday? Good for you. Recover quickly, because Big Monday's on the way. And then Super Tuesday. And then all the rest of the days of the week. And then it's Saturday again. Rinse, repeat, enjoy.

Such is the case again in 2010-11, and today, we know the Big 12's contribution to our Monday night enjoyment. The schedule is as follows:

Mon, Jan 17: Kansas State at Missouri (ESPN, 5:30pm ET); Kansas at Baylor (ESPN, 9:30pm ET)

Mon, Jan 24: Baylor at Kansas State (ESPN, 9pm ET)

Mon, Jan 31: Texas at Texas A&M (ESPN, 9pm ET)

Mon, Feb 7: Missouri at Kansas (ESPN, 9pm ET)

Mon, Feb 14: Kansas at Kansas State (ESPN, 9pm ET)

Mon, Feb 21: Oklahoma State at Kansas (ESPN, 9pm ET)

Mon, Feb 28: Kansas State at Texas (ESPN, 9pm ET)

Yes, Big Monday remains awesome. Pretty much all of those games will be must-see -- the Big 12 was arguably the country's best conference last season, and could have been even better, as Texas' inexplicable slide toward mediocrity prevented another team from rising to the level of national power.

This year, Kansas State will be the team to watch and the prohibitive conference favorite. But (with the possible exception of Oklahoma State) each of the teams on this schedule has a shot at winning the conference, and all of them will expect to make the NCAA tournament. Without KU's dominance, the race for the Big 12 title will be even more exciting than last year's. Prepare thy DVRs accordingly.

And, as always, if anyone has developed some sort of time-travel device which would take me to the season immediately, that would be great. I'd even settle for an "Inception"-esque dream thing. Just get us to the season already, please.