Austin Rivers slows recruitment

Austin Rivers is the No. 2-ranked prospect in the class of 2011 according to Scouts Inc. Kelly Kline

Tuesday, one Mr. Andy Katz spoke with Doc Rivers for ESPNBoston.com. That discussion focused largely on Doc's career -- his decision to come back to the Celtics this year, and so on -- but there is one nugget of college hoops relevance hidden in there. Naturally, it has to do with Rivers progeny and No. 2 overall recruit in the class of 2011, Austin:

"At this point, Austin pretty much doesn't know where he's going," Rivers said. "There are three or four schools he likes but he wants to see how they play. He's gone the other way and wants to slow it down and wait. That's the new trend and I think it's pretty smart."

Rivers said Austin may wait until the spring signing period before making a decision. But there is a chance he could make a swift change and commit in the fall. Rivers said they will take official visits in the fall.

There's a chance he could "make a swift change," so I guess you never know, but it sounds like Rivers is going to slow the entire process down and figure out where he truly wants to be before he makes a decision. So don't hold your breath. And don't get too worked up about any suggestive garments you see Rivers wearing, because clearly those aren't much help.