How's Tony Wroten's game? 'Unstoppable'

Earlier this month, Diamond Leung introduced you to Tony Wroten, Jr., the No. 3 point guard in the class of 2011. Wroten has narrowed his final two college choices to Washington and Kentucky, which puts him at the nexus of another unlikely UW-UK recruiting battle (the first created, of course, by Terrence Jones' indecision).

Here's a prediction for you: Wherever Wroten ends up, he's going to be just as entertaining in interviews as he is on the court. In reference to the Jones saga, he told reporters he wouldn't "do UW dirty like that." The latest semi-awesome Wroten quote comes courtesy of Scout's Evan Daniels, who asked Wroten, "When you're at your best, what's your game like?"

"Unstoppable, to be honest with you," Wroten to Daniels. "Because nobody in the country has stopped me when I've been at my best."

Wroten also said that his passing and vision were "something I think I do better than anyone." If Wroten is as half as talented as he is confident -- and judging by his video highlights, that's probably a fair estimate -- then he's going to be an awfully good Huskie.