The extra benefits investigation that keeps on giving

In today's Los Angeles Times, O.J. Mayo's agent denied his client received gifts or money from USC. No surprise there.

He also said he wasn't aware of any connection between Mayo and Scott Schenter, the businessman whose Land Rover running back Joe McKnight was spotted driving around.

Now what would give anyone that impression? According to Lance Pugmire's report in The Times:

Schenter is also the registered owner of a 1992 Mazda Miata that he equipped with a vanity license plate, OJMAYO.

Schenter said in California Department of Motor Vehicles records obtained by The Times that a company refurbished the car with a new gold paint job, tires and a modified interior and exterior. A DMV official said Schenter applied for the personalized plate in May 2007 and took possession in September 2007.