Thanks to snow, ISU extends Chicago stay

It was all the way back on Wednesday night -- a whole two nights ago, by George! -- that Duke topped Iowa State in the United Center and looked very impressive doing so. Seeing as neither school was actually playing at home, that meant Iowa State, even as the ostensible host, still had to fly back to Ames, Iowa, at some point after the game.

Of course, the game was played in Chicago, which usually means one thing in January (and February, and March, and December): bad weather. That's why the Cyclones are, as of right now, still in Chicago: Their flight was delayed thanks to the 10 to 12 inches of snow we here in the Chicago area have received since Wednesday night. The Cyclones were supposed to leave Thursday. Coach Greg McDermott says the team will now leave Friday, and that Saturday's game with North Dakota State remains on the schedule.

To make matters worse, Chicago is expected to get another two to four inches today. Which means at least two things. 1) No way am I leaving my house tonight, and 2) the Cyclones might consider hiring a dog-sledding team. Tell me that wouldn't be a fun way to cross Illinois. Thought so.