Ron Everhart simulates Bob Huggins' fall

Duquesne coach Ron Everhart was on his way to the podium to speak at West Virginia coach Bob Huggins' celebrity roast when he fell, as seen in this video from Metro News.

Everhart took a spill right where Huggins sat laughing at the dramatization and then proceeded to re-enact what he believed to be the words Huggins might or might not have used after Huggins' apparent accidental fall in a Las Vegas hotel room in July.

"I've fallen, and I can't get up," cried Everhart, a native West Virginian and Huggins' longtime friend.

"I've busted my ribs. I tripped over the pizza box."

Everhart's act highlighted a night in which speakers including Kentucky's John Calipari and Kansas State's Frank Martin made jokes at Huggins' expense to raise money for cancer.

Huggins did have the final say, relating a humorous story about Martin recently pumping gas in Topeka, Kan., and seemingly being recognized by a fellow patron who asked if he was the basketball coach.

Martin said yes.

"Honey," the guy yelled into his car. "I told you it was Bruce Pearl."