Herb Sendek joins Twitterland

There are plenty of coaches on Twitter; it's not exactly a new thing. But it is always interesting to see a new coach jump on board, if only because -- in most cases, at least -- it provides a relatively unfiltered view of what that coach is like when he's not recruiting, coaching, traveling, and, you know, recruiting.

So let's all welcome Arizona State coach Herb Sendek to the Twitterverse. According to an ASU spokesman, Sendek won't be following anyone and won't be venturing into the reply function. But for the first time since he began his account, Sendek, and not a media relations intern with fast Crackberry hands, will be sending his own tweets. Which is actually kind of commendable.

So, what's Herb Sendek tweeting? Movie lists!

Three inspiring movies...1. Cinderella Man with Russell Crowe. 2. Patch Adams with Robin Williams. 3. October Sky

Yeah, that sounds about right. Welcome to the fray, coach.