Brad Stevens likes acronyms

While John Wooden had the Pyramid of Success, Butler coach Brad Stevens has The Butler Way and some acronyms to help describe it.

He talked about what SHARPENS stands for during a speech the other day. According to the Washington Times-Herald:

The Butler way, in a nutshell, forms the acronym SHARPENS: Selflessness, Humility, Accountability, Resiliency, Passion, an "Even keel," "No doubts," and "Service to others."

The coach talked about all those traits, that have not only been stressed by him over the past two years, but by the coaches that came before him at Butler.

But wait! The usage of SHARPENS is apparently flexible as well. The Indianapolis Star in 2008 had Stevens talking about it as well, only with the "H" standing for honesty, the "R" for respect and the "E" for enthusiasm.

This wouldn't be the first time a Stevens-generated acronym was tinkered with. He also came up with TGHT to stand for "The Game Honors Toughness" and preached it with his players.

The only problem with that was the Bulldogs laughed as they rebranded it "Teach Gordon Hayward Toughness."