Pittsburgh unafraid of bold predictions

The last time Pittsburgh went to the Final Four was 1940-41. That is a long time ago. It's long enough ago, in fact, that the Final Four wasn't called the Final Four. It was called the "NCAA tournament national semifinals," and the Final Four was still an as-yet-unhatched idea filed away under "awesome stuff for later" in someone's brain.

Which is why it's a little bold to predict a Final Four appearance for this year's Pittsburgh team. It's not that this year's team isn't good, or that they don't have the chops to make it happen. They are, and they do. It's just, well, bold. Especially if you play for Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh's players aren't making any guarantees, but, via the Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy, they're feeling about as confident as possible, and they're not afraid to say so:

“The sky is the limit for this team,” Panthers G Brad Wanamaker told Sporting News. “As long as we stay together and do the right things, we can maybe go to the Final Four or win a national championship. They always say pros can get you the farthest in the NCAAs. Well, in our own mindset, we think we’re pros, too. We think we have a chance to play in the NBA.”

Pittsburgh coach Jamie Dixon didn't exactly hedge his players' high remarks, either. He told DeCourcy Pitt "could be as good as any team we’ve ever had."

None of that is particularly controversial, and you expect players to have a certain level of confidence in their ability. There's nothing wrong with any of this.

But it is worth a note. If Pittsburgh makes what would be a somewhat surprising run to the Final Four in a few months, don't be all that surprised. They won't be. They'll have predicted it in September.