NCAA prevents Alford from roasting Knight

New Mexico coach Steve Alford, an All-American player during the Bob Knight era in Indiana, wasn't able to crack jokes at the expense of his old coach because of an NCAA rule that prevented his participation in Saturday's celebrity roast.

Alford had been promoted since July as one of Knight's roasters, but couldn't gain NCAA approval because the event raised money for St. Joseph High School in Chicago. As a current college coach, Alford wasn't able to help provide a benefit to prospective student-athletes.

Florida International coach Isiah Thomas, another one of Indiana's signature players, was in fact able to speak and have the crowd in tears with his Knight anecdotes because St. Joseph is his alma mater.

It's really too bad Alford wasn't able to tell some stories himself because after years of being pushed and prodded by "The General," hearing him give it right back to Knight -- a current ESPN commentator -- would have made the night complete.