Kyle Singler tries topping injury timetable

Though the words "knee surgery" always carry ominous overtones, there was never much reason to worry about Kyle Singler's particular brand of knee surgery. The Duke All-American's arthroscopic procedure was sudden but minor, an attempt to clean out some of the wear and tear that was causing Singler discomfort last season, accoding to Duke assistant Steve Wojciechowski. The surgery went well, and as recently as last week, Coach K was saying encouraging things. Singler would be playing already if this were the season, his coach said, but the decision to keep him out until Oct. 1 was a simple matter of rest. In other words: no worries.

A week later, Singler is apparently feeling even better than that. To wit:

Two weeks removed from surgery to repair the meniscus in his left knee, Singler told Sporting News he is scheduled to return at the start of October. But, he added, "I might be back sooner than that, just because I'm itching to get back in there … I think I'll be playing in 5-6 days."

"It's felt great for about a week," Singler said. "We're just making sure everything recovers … We're just making sure everything is perfect."

So, to recap: Duke fans now have even less reason to worry about their star player's knee. Or, as Virginia Tech fans might say, life isn't fair.