Pittsburgh frosh fine after car crash

Pittsburgh freshman Lamar Patterson was unhurt, which is why I can safely and without any twinge of guilt say that his Friday afternoon car escapades sound rather awesome. Harrowing, too.

What am I talking about? Just this: Patterson, a 19-year-old Panthers redshirt freshman, was driving down Forbes Ave. in Oakland Square on Friday when the driver in front of him suddenly and unexpectedly stopped. Rather than crash into this driver, Patterson swerved his car, a decision which led to his car's collision with ... a building.

The car shattered the glass windows of an empty first floor conference room, said Colleen Heavens, a 23-year-old University of Pittsburgh Press employee who works on the fifth floor of the building. Ms. Heavens did not see the crash, but saw the aftermath.

"There were chairs scattered about," she said. "It looked like a normal conference room but there was half of a car inside of it."

Fortunately, there were no injuries to anyone near the building, and Patterson walked away with nothing more than a scrape on his arm and a bruise on his ankle. In fact, after the crash, he went to class. He shouldn't miss any practice time.

Which gives us a very simple tally of: Lamar Patterson 1, Empty Conference Room 0. In your face, inanimate building.