Roy Williams bobblehead gets glammed up

The Asheville Tourists, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Colorado Rockies, decided to give away 1,000 bobbleheads of native son Roy Williams last month.

Immortalized in ceramic, the North Carolina coach appears in a suit and a Tar Heel blue-colored tie while he clutches a basketball and sports a wide grin.

Enter Asheville Citizen-Times columnist Nancy Williams, who decided to give the Roy Williams bobblehead a costume change, and voila! Hers now wears a pink rhinestone suit.

What spurred her to do the re-design and write about the experience? Putting Roy Williams in pink was her cure for a bad day.

So when I was in Crabbyville, feeling sorry for myself with no good cause, seeing Roy was a good thing. Noticing his dustrag cloth resembled a toga made mental wheels start to move. One thing led to another and after an hour of sewing, Roy had a better outfit.

I stepped back, surveyed my work and thought, "Girl, you have waaaaaay too much time on your hands." I also had a moment of facing how odd and quirky I can be. A more mentally healthy person would probably take a brisk walk to cure depression. Not me, I made an Elvis outfit for a Roy toy.

Roy Williams is so loyal to his hometown that he donated money to build UNC Asheville a new arena and has the Tar Heels scheduled to play next season in the new facility.

Just a guess, but Roy toys in pink won't be the giveaway for that game.