Creighton to try out Midnight Madness

Greg McDermott has some pretty large shoes to fill. When the former Iowa State coach decided to jump off the sinking ship that was his former program -- after limited success commanding the dormant Cyclones, McDermott found himself quickly moving into hot seat territory -- he did so by jumping to what, at first glance, would seem to be a demotion. Swapping a Big 12 team for a spot in the Missouri Valley? Is that a downgrade or what?

Actually, it's not. For all of Iowa State's institutional advantages, taking over at an MVC hoops power like Creighton is at least a lateral move. Thanks to the long, successful tenure of former coach Dana Altman -- hence those big shoes in need of a volume replacement-- it might even be a step up.

Here's why: At Iowa State, Midnight Madness would be a bit of a laugher. At Creighton, it will be one of the more enthusiastic events of the season. Which is all a very long way of saying that the Bluejays, at the suggestion of their new head coach, are going to host their first-ever Midnight Madness event on Oct. 15.

Naturally, this has fans -- who have pushed for something more than the tamped-down open scrimmages of former coach Dana Altman's choosing -- pretty excited. Midnight Madness is little more than a glorified scrimmage, but as yours truly has written before, when it comes around, it's thankfully easy to forget that fact. Midnight Madness means college hoops is officially back. If anyone can appreciate the appeal, it's Creighton.