One early preseason All-America team

The Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook is one of the few preseason must-reads for any hard-core hoops fan. Before the book comes out, Blue Ribbon releases early lists like its preseason All-America team, which popped out of hiding yesterday, and which you can see here. Seeing as it's late September, now is probably as good a time as ever to discuss such a list, yes? Yes.

The Blue Ribbon preseason All-Americans are:

Blue Ribbon editor Chris Dortch also e-mailed along the book's second, third and fourth teams, as well as its pick for player of the year (Singler), and newcomer of the year (North Carolina uber-frosh Harrison Barnes).

It's hard to argue with the first-team list, but if anyone has a major gripe, it's Duke guard Nolan Smith, who seems to have been relegated to a theoretical sidekick role here. (Smith is on Blue Ribbon's second-team.) The list is also heavy on veterans, which makes sense -- no matter the hype, it's hard to give an unproven freshman like Barnes or Kyrie Irving or Brandon Knight the nod over seven or eight proven upperclassmen returning for their junior and senior seasons. But, as in recent years, it would be no shock to see a freshman or two climb onto the All-America top five. In fact, it would be a surprise if it didn't happen.

Anyway, there's one early batch of preseason All-Americans. Without getting too worked up (preseason All-American is an award roughly akin to "future entrepreneur of the year"), gripes? Agreements? Throw 'em in the comments.