UC Irvine helps set dodgeball world record

When UC Irvine students took to the school's basketball arena last week to set a Guinness World Record for the largest-ever game of dodgeball, coach Russell Turner did not say, "Get off my court."

Rather, he embraced the event and at least one of his players was among the 1,745 players to help break the record. According to The New University, guard Jonas Lalehzadeh was unique in his strategies for dodgeball dominance.

Perhaps most entertaining was reserve junior basketball guard Jonas Lalehzadeh using the referees and photographers at the center line as shields, side-arming balls and pelting the blue team with glee.

No, this wasn't broadcast on ESPN8 The "Ocho." Neither Ben Stiller nor Vince Vaughn made appearances.

But students seemed to have a ball throwing some 800 balls around, and Turner along with other coaches in the athletic department smartly used the event to promote their programs as well.

The mass-participation event not only rallied students for the start of the school year, but also marked the debut of Antourage, the Anteaters' newly named student section.

So Turner, who is entering his first season, got to introduce himself to fans at the pep rally before the event.

And he told a true underdog story -- one that involves getting UCI to the NCAA tournament for the first time.