Enes Kanter eyes pro wrestling career

It remains unclear at this point how the NCAA will rule on the eligibility case of Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter. He can't practice at the moment, and even as a likely NBA lottery pick in the future, it can't be easy adjusting to a new country while in basketball limbo.

But Kanter has picked up some American culture. The world hasn't heard much from him during this time, but the 6-foot-11, 272-pound forward from Turkey did reveal in an interview with WTVQ-TV how he is already looking forward to his post-playing career -- as a WWE superstar.

"After my basketball career I want to be a wrestler, professional wrestler."

Kanter is a die hard wresting fan, his favorite wrestler, is the Undertaker. "I started watching like 4 or 5 years ago, and then right now I feel like him on the court. His nickname is unbelievable that's why I love it, "The Deadman", I love it."

He even has a little play on words with his last name.

"People started calling me the Underkanter 3 months ago. Right now my nickname is Underkanter."

Getting NCAA clearance to play wouldn't exactly be the equivalent of coming back from the dead. But wouldn't it be something if The Underkanter were able to make his debut to the unmistakable sound of The Undertaker's bell toll?

Kentucky fans in their Free Enes T-shirts would roar at the sight, and the rest of the nation would have to take notice at the unveiling of college basketball's next protagonist.