Louisville assistant will 'coach the coaches'

Louisville assistant coach Ralph Willard did some interesting job-related juggling this week.

Instead of remaining on the sidelines next to his longtime friend, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino, Willard asked to become the school's new director of basketball operations. Willard wanted to give an assistant coach, Mark Lieberman, the chance to be a full-time guy so the coaching cupboard isn't bare if Willard decides to leave. Fair enough. But according to Pitino, Willard will also have one of the strangest set of hoops duties I've ever heard:

Willard made $350,000 last year and stands to make $375,000 this year as part of a three-year contract. His new duties will include “coaching the coaches.”

“He is going to, every single day, dissect all of us,” Pitino said. “Say where he thinks we need to get better as teachers of the game. He's been great at that.”

I suppose that makes sense, but it also opens a mental wormhole I can't seem to close. Because if Willard is coaching the coaches, who's coaching Willard? And if someone is coaching Willard to coach the coaches, who's coaching him? See what I mean? It's an endless looped cycle. Someone get Stephen Hawking on the line.