UK recruit calls out Calipari on Twitter

We've met class of 2011 prospect Tony Wroten, Jr., before. That meeting occurred when Wroten gave a rather effusive interview on his own behalf to Scout.com's Evan Daniels. When asked about his game, Wroten described it as "unstoppable," because "nobody in the country has stopped me when I'm at my best."

Wroten's outspoken attitude isn't limited to interviews, though. The guard recently took to his Twitter page with a rather crazy question for Kentucky coach John Calipari. To wit:

@UKCoachCalipari aye coach. I just wanna know why u stopped recruiting me?

Naturally, Calipari didn't respond. Probably a good idea. Wroten almost certainly would have fired back. His willingness to speak his mind on Twitter has also led him to question why Washington coach Lorenzo Romar showed up to more of his AAU games than Calipari. The last thing Calipari needs is a coach-recruit flame war. Or a trending topic. ("#whycoachcal?" We can work on it.)

Anyway, Wroten is set to make his college decision Thursday, with Washington and Louisville now the two frontrunners. Whichever school lands him, they'll be getting as outspoken a recruit as any in the 2011 class. Whether that's a good thing is up for debate.