NCAA president talks tourney expansion

The announcement in April that the NCAA was expanding the men's basketball tournament to 68 teams came with the caveat from interim NCAA president Jim Isch that the number in the field would stay in place "for now."

And what does the incoming NCAA president have to say about this? Mark Emmert, the former university president at Washington who starts Nov. 1, offered this comment last month in an interview with FanHouse about the changes to the tournament.

I'm very pleased with where we wound up. I think we're in a good position from a competitive point of view. I think the decision that has been made to play that first round at a single site at Dayton, I think that will work really well. I think it's a very good place to start this new model. And I think it will prove to be quite stable. That doesn't mean change won't occur soon (laughs).

Um, about that laughing. Does he mean "haha, soon, yeah right" or "mwhahaha, get ready for 96?"

Well, it's probably somewhere in the middle, based on Emmert's latest interview with the Seattle Times where he's asked if further expansion is inevitable and how soon it will come.

I don't see anything in the near future. We obviously haven't played a tournament with the 68 yet, to see how it all works. I think it will be exciting. Let the future bring what it may. I'm very pleased with the structure we have now.